Classrooms and Playgrounds:

Our classrooms are individually tailored to your child's development. AAO has large, colorful classrooms with age appropriate furnishings, toys and books. AAO is located on a beautiful golf course, surrounded by trees.   

Our classrooms are named after ocean animals since we have a beautiful saltwater aquarium in our lobby. So whether your child is a ANGELFISH or a BARACCUDA, we are the right place for your child!

AAO offers a lively Music program as well as Physical Education classes, where certified staff incorporates fun and excersise into lessons aimed for life long health! 

We have three large playgrounds.  Each playground is designed around the age and mobility of the children using the playground. Besides our playgrounds, we have a large indoor play room.

ur tiniest children have room to run and explore without worry of falling off something not appropriate for their age.  

The 3 to 5 year olds have a beautiful shaded playground where they can explore and discover the outside world.  

Our afterschoolers have their own playground specifically designed with older students in mind.  They can come and play, taking away the stress of a busy school day.

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